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I am passionate about making our electorate a place of opportunity and growth and a safe and secure place to live.

I am appalled at the inefficiency and waste perpetrated by our State and Federal Governments. We are a nation rich with natural resources. We are a population of workers and achievers, but we have been encouraged and allowed to rely on our governments for handouts and assistance. We have become a nation of takers rather than givers. “What’s in it for me?” rather than “Will this be beneficial for my State or my Country?” has become the rationale by which our governments and some people judge the future. 

We need only look at the Cost of Living crisis  that has overtaken our State. We have the second highest electricity prices in Australia, in a State where we enjoy the largest high-grade coal deposits and the largest supplies of natural gas in onshore Australia. Our government owns Power Link and they own Energex. Power Link sells to Energex who then sells to the retailers who then sell to us. The government is adding more than $1.3Billion per year to the cost of electricity or roughly$1100 per year to a family of four across the State. 

The current rail system that services the Sunshine Coast is totally inadequate for the task of ensuring that commuters can enjoy the benefits of hinterland living while taking advantage of metropolitan work places. The first step has to be the duplication of the rail link between Brisbane and Nambour.

I will fight to maintain the availability of all public medical services within the Nambour General Hospital. I will fight to improve the safety on our rural roads like the Obi Obi Range crossing, the Kenilworth – Conondale Rd, and the Cooroy Rail intersection. 

I am a strong advocate of making Queensland a decentralized State, where adequate water and cheap, reliable energy encourage the growth of communities involved in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing; where our exports allow us to build an operating surplus that ensures growth and continuous improvement in our State; where our education system encourages and rewards excellence; where our hospital system is staffed by well-trained,competent nurses and doctors; and where we can all afford the high standard ofliving we would like to enjoy. 

My over-riding belief is that we are Australians and everyone who wants to share the benefits of living here must acknowledge and accept our language, our laws, our freedoms and our culture. We must be one Nation, with one Flag, with one Head of State, and with one standard of law. 

As an MP, I will work to enshrine these values in our State.

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