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Mark Denham

Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)

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  • Mark Denham Candidate for Noosa Mark lives in Cooroibah and along with his wife, they raised their four children locally where they attended Tewantin State School and Sunshine Beach High. Having lived in Noosa for over 28 years, Mark is committed to serving his community and fighting for greater local job opportunities. Working as a paramedic for 39 years and and having been heavily involved with local community groups, Mark is passionate about helping others and improving the community's access to frontline services.
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    Tewantin, 4565

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Community. Service. Dedication

The experience to get things done

Mark is a trusted member of our community. He was instrumental in the delivery of the Tewantin Ambulance station. Is a key member on the Noosa Shire Disaster Management Committee and helped on the expansion of the emergency department at the Noosa Hospital. Mark has also been a committee member of the Police Citizen Youth Club, volunteered with Variety Club Australia and helped fundraise for Katie Rose Cottage, an organisation that provides support to the terminally ill. Mark has the ability to get things done.

Vision to build a better community

Mark will use his energy and experience to deliver more for our community. A major focus for Mark will be protecting our frontline health services, ensuring better schools, and delivering new local jobs. Mark will also work with the community and local businesses to tackle local traffic hotspots through road & public transport improvements so residents spend less time on the roads and more time at home with family.

A proven record of community service

Mark and his wife Tracy have been a proud part of the Noosa community, both raising their family and working locally for over 28 years. As a paramedic with 39 years’ experience, Mark is now working as the Acting Officer in charge of the Tewantin Ambulance Station and proudly serving the Noosa area. Mark Denham has a proven record of community service.

ANNASTACIA & LABOR:   “I urge you to support Mark.  He will be a strong voice for Noosa.”


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Phone: 0412 613 300

Mail: PO Box 1011 Tewantin QLD 4565


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