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  • I am a Doctor (specialist in Emergency Medicine), husband, father, small business owner, and long time resident of Greenbank. Frustration with dealing with the bureaucracy of government (particularly Queensland Health)+ the shortsighted decisions surrounding Priority Development Areas convinced me to stand as LNP candidate for Jordan.
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Jordan is a new electorate, including the suburbs of  Gailes, Carole Park, Camira, Augustine Heights, Brookwater, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Greenbank, New Beith, and Flagstone. This makes it a diverse electorate, with different issues affecting different areas.

Infrastructure (or lack of it) is a common theme. 

Flagstone, Greenbank, and New Beith have had minimal investment in infrastructure over the decades. 

  • Transport: No trains, next to no public transport, and roads which are already well over capacity.
  • Schools: Primary and secondary schools over stretched with no clear plan to improve it.
  • Emergency Services: Police, Fire and Ambulance under-resourced or just plain not there.
  • State Labor Government controlled development areas are looking at adding many thousands of extra homes to these areas with no plans to fix current problems - let alone the new problems they are crating. 
  • This has to be fixed NOW. We must have roads, rail, public transports, schools, and emergency services sorted BEFORE further development of these Priority Development Areas.

Transport and Employment are issues in Springfield and Springfield Lakes. Although this area has trains, the current government has decreased services and failed to address the lack of parking. Growing employment locally is critical. Small business will help drive this but needs support - not just slogans. Decrease red tape, truly buy local!

Everyone is affected by the rising cost of living - especially increasing electricity costs and car registration. This affects families and businesses alike. 

Health services is a favorite topic of mine. We have fantastic people working in health - but our ambulance and hospital services are stretched to the limit. We need to focus our resources on the health services the community needs - not just grow the bureaucracy.

We need to fix these problems NOW... not watch Labor achieve nothing for another 4 years.

The LNP has a plan, with many policies already released - check out www.betterqueensland.org.au or contact me if you want more information.

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