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 Hi, I’m Karen Haddock and I am very pleased to have been chosen as the One Nation candidate for the electorate of Kurwongbah.  I am Brisbane born and bred and have lived in various South East Queensland suburbs my whole life, I first moved to the local area in 2006.  

 I have had a variety of interesting jobs including police officer for 9 years, accountant and financial planner for 5 years and am now a primary school teacher in my 7th year. 

 I have a few university qualifications which I earned whilst working full time namely a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Education.  

 On the surface I am a mild mannered School teacher and mother of one, in my spare time I am something of a keyboard warrior and local political advocate.  I am a member of several local community and advocate groups devoted to protecting the public from self-interested politicians and greedy government owned corporations.  Groups in which I am active include the Ratepayers Action Group of Moreton Bay, Your Community First, the Queensland Local Government Reform Association, Unite against Unitywater and Zonta. 

 Recently I made a submission to the Crime and Corruption Commission opposing their intention to prevent the publication of corrupt conduct  allegations prior to elections, I believe the public have a right to know who and what they are voting for.  I believe our democracy is under threat and I do whatever I can to protect it.

 Earlier this year I ran in the local council elections on a platform opposing our councils’ corporatisation of water, excessive rate rises , excessive spending and the lack of openness and accountability to the public.  Whilst not quite successful enough to win I did fairly well and met some wonderful like-minded people including fellow candidate Rodney Hansen who is endorsed by One Nation for the electorate of Morayfield.  Despite the stress and expense, I did learn a lot and it encouraged me to take the plunge as a candidate with One Nation.

 I reached out to One Nation because it speaks the truth.  It speaks the truth on behalf of the unemployed, the pensioners and families struggling to make ends meet.  One Nation offers a voice for those who have been left out.  It bravely talks about immigration, poverty, unemployment, Islam, 457 visa workers and jobs going overseas.  One Nation doesn’t shy away from the hard or unpleasant areas, it confronts them head on.  This is also very much my personal style. 

 I see One Nation as the rightful party of the people.  It offers common sense.  It wants an economy built on manufacturing.  Other governments balance the books by selling everything off or by shuffling debt around with some creative accounting.  We know that an economy without manufacturing at its base is simply a house of cards.

 I believe that people are waking up, they know the Australian dream has become unattainable and they are wondering why.  They are sick of seeing politicians living large whilst they have to decide whether to do without water or electricity.  

 Whilst we have a 2 party system that represents big business and militant unions only, it’s never going to change.  Australians deserve real representation, by people unafraid to deal with all of the issues, even the scary, politically incorrect ones.   One Nation is the only political party brave enough to confront the problems we are facing.  I believe that we owe it to our children to stand up and fight.  I’m proud to be a candidate for One Nation and am looking forward to fighting for Queenslanders so that they can get put FIRST and receive the fair go that they rightly deserve.

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