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  • I was born into a generational grazing family in rural QLD, after completing high school, worked for QLD Health in the school dental service and later in the b...anking sector.  Married grazier Robert Lohse and conduct a partnership in breeding and finishing beef cattle enterprise. I taught my three children through School of Distance Education for fifteen years, and was a member of the P & C and ICPA organization for rural and remote children.  In 2002 founded a local Landcare Group and hold the role of project manager for two NHT funded on ground works for landholders in pasture and water quality projects.  Held several key roles in this organization since inception.  I am on the Board of Property Rights Australia.  The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery. PRA was established in response to numerous demands from landholders, business operators, community leaders and workers to do just that.  As drought impacted on our property, I took up full time off farm work. Firstly as Livestock Administrator for a 25 000 head feedlot near Chinchilla, then later and to date facilitating accounts and administration for a Livestock and General Freight firm in a small rural town.  For twelve years I have battled with consecutive Governments over a Grazing Lease acquisition by Qld Parks and Wildlife of our generational family grazing property and is still ongoing.  I am standing for Parliament for the sake of the future of our children and generations to come.    Through life skills of raising, & educating a family and also owning a business in rural QLD, I offer to be representative of the people
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I am very proud to be standing as your One Nation candidate in the great seat of Callide.

Time is precious and, like you, I know that rural Queenslanders are continually having to do more with less:

· less rights and freedom to manage our properties and businesses without corporate and government interference,

· less financial security to plan for our families’ future,

· less of the services that other Queenslanders rightly take for granted and

· less confidence than ever that the current crop of parliamentary representatives down in George Street, even the ones who claim to have our backs, will give more than lip-service to the interests of people like you and me, the primary producers who, for generations, have kept this State’s economy afloat.

I believe that property rights are at the heart of issues negatively impacting landholders and consequently all Queenslanders. The erosion of private property rights creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery. The right of landowners to occupy and responsibly and sustainably manage our land has been whittled away over the last 25 years by successive State Governments. The introduction of increasingly oppressive and impractical vegetation management laws and the manipulation of land tenure for the purpose of land acquisition is being driven more by political opportunism than rational, evidence-based and consultative decision-making processes. The Vegetation Management Laws, EPBC Act and Trigger Mapping are directly impacting on the productivity and security of our businesses,with grim flow-on impacts for all of Queensland's economic prosperity and ultimately the food security of our Country. Furthermore, the landholders in the areas of the CSG industry, are desperate for a political party that will listen to their concerns of contamination, intimidation and broken or inappropriate landholder agreements. To date neither major party has addressed this serious issue, instigated an inquiry into past issues or held companies in breach, to account for their actions. After years of fighting for our own family's property rights and also working for the rights of others as a board member of Property Rights Australia, I have given up on either of the two major parties focusing on regional QLD issues. From my personal experience of knocking on the doors of both Government and Opposition MP,s it is clear to me that they have completely lost touch with the people outside the South East corner and have no interest in the issues that are affecting them. I believe I speak for most of you when I say that:

· We are tired of the political spin, inaction and contempt  shown on both sides of Parliament for rural and regional Queensland,

· We are fed up with being sold out by those on the conservative side of politics who appear to have forgotten what and who they stand for and

· We are desperate for real political representation by people who truly understand the daily struggles of people on the land.

This is why I have decided to run as One Nation’s candidate for Callide.

As a Member of the Queensland Parliament and your representative, my top priority will be to work for the repeal of the oppressive Vegetation Management Laws, restoring community trust in our farmers to best manage their land. I will demand that natural resource management decisions are based on sound science and responsible economic management to ensure the balanced development of businesses in both economic and environmental terms. I will also advocate to secure undermined property rights by demanding an investigation into existing tenure and compulsory acquisition cases both past and pending. Those impacted by the CSG Industry will not be forgotten post-election as I will instigate a fully independent and detailed environmental and social impact inquiry into the Industry past and present. In short, if I am elected I will be a real voice and will strongly advocate for the right of rural and regional Queenslanders to secure their own livelihood on their land.

Over my life time, conducting a partnership in a beef cattle business, raising and educating my children and living in a rural community, I am very aware of challenges associated with rural and remote communities. Rural people deal with flood and droughts, poor commodity prices, and the restrictions and costs of living in regional QLD. Poor road infrastructure, and limited or no internet services, to name just a few issues. Callide spans just under 70 000 sq km and is home to over 30 000 people.

Limited health services with interim visiting doctors in rural hospitals, is also not a desirable situation. The number of hospitals in 2014 in QLD was 277, out of this only 14 were in the Callide electorate. The negative pressure on business growth, has a flow on effect to maintaining a consistent population of small towns, and this has a snowball effect then on population based grants to fund services. As your elected representative I will identify, support and promote better and fairer delivery of health services to rural and remote areas. Furthermore, to improve employment opportunities and job security for people in the bush and in Queensland generally, I will advocate for an apprenticeship inducement scheme where government provides financial support to employers to cover a percentage of apprentice wages while they gain skills and qualifications and full employee productivity is reached. Our children and grandchildren are relying on good government to stand up and make changes so rural communities, rural business and primary producers can prosper and maintain healthy lifestyles. As a grazier, mother, educator of my children through distance education, rural business partner and a property rights advocate, I have committed to run as a Callide One Nation candidate to make the changes needed for rural people. One Nation is committed to protecting our sovereignty and democracy. Unlike the major parties, we will bring about the necessary change for fair and equal treatment of all Australians, within a system of government recognising and acting upon a need for Australia to be truly one nation.For a change in the governing in QLD, you must vote for One Nation,the two majors are one and the same. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with and for you in the coming years.

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