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  • Sometimes you have to walk in your “Community’s shoes “ to know and feel what is going on in your community . Having lived in this area for approximately 35 years I have witnessed first hand the remarkable growth of this region I have also seen the dramatic rise in crime and drug use , the continual rise in unemployment , the increase in domestic violence against women and abuse to children ,the neglect, the waste, the poor decisions and the missed opportunities inflicted on our electorate by various state governments over many years . It saddens me that decisions made with the lack of community consultation and participation effect the lives of so many in our community. It seems our governments have lost touch with how expensive living has become . Families and business are struggling . For many years I have been a strong advocate on cost of living issues. I have heavily demonstrated this through my ongoing work with many community organisations and the many well attended cost of living forums that I have held in our community over many years . For years I have tried to work with both sides of politics . I now believe that “ Enough is Enough “ and it is now time for a change and also believe that One Nation can deliver that change . “She’ll be right mate” , will only ever be right if we make it right . Change will only ever happen if we make the change . It must be - People before Politics . I am 60 years old, a happily married father of 4 and grandfather of 5. I grew up in Redcliffe and attended Scarborough State School and Redcliffe High School. I started work at Mather's Shoes that was situated in the main street of Redcliffe near where Bee Gee's Way now stands . From there I joined the National Bank and for many years was transferred all over Queensland before returning to Redcliffe , where I married and bought a small business at Scarborough . We lived at Deception Bay for a few years while our family and business grew. We then moved to Burpengary where our family and business kept on growing and then to Morayfield where we now live . Over the years the small business we initially bought kept on growing, so much so that we franchised it and started selling it off over the years . I am now retired from paid employment , but spend a lot of my time involved with various community groups. I was chairman of the Moreton Bay Ratepayer Group for many years , a proud member of the Wamuran Men's Shed, a candidate in the local council elections in 2012 and 2016[www.rodneyhansen.net ] the founder and former president of the Burpengary and District Men's Shed and the founder and spokesperson for Unite against Unitywater -[www.uniteagainstunity.info] Unite against Unitywater is a volunteer community group set up to help people deal with the rising cost of our water and sewerage. I spend a lot of my time in the community fund raising and talking to many people , groups and organisations dealing with various issues mainly cost of living. I am a strong advocate for a fair go, honesty and accountability and believe passionately in - “People before Politics”. I am proud to be a part of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation team and very proud to be the candidate for the electorate of Morayfield .
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The seat of Morayfield was created for the 2009 state election .

It's inaugural member was Labours Mark Ryan, who was then defeated in 2012 by the landslide win of the L N P's  Newman state government.

Mark Ryan regained this seat again in 2015 when the L N P  Newman government was thrown out .

Following recent boundary changes the seat of Morayfield now includes Caboolture.

It is evident the voters of Morayfield do not fear change, having had only one term politicians since inception in 2009.

The issues affecting Morayfield in 2017, are the increased cost of living ,  Lack of employment opportunities for people of all ages, The dramatic increase in crime and drug use and the increase of the homeless in our area.

Strangely, these are the same issues that have been continuously rolled out in our electorate by the  various parties since 2009.

Certainly no change means just that - No change .

Nothing will ever change unless we make it change .

As the One Nation candidate for Morayfield, I truly believe in People before Politics and I offer the opportunity for real change and the betterment  for the community of Morayfield.

My name is Rodney Hansen .


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