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  • Former QLD State Member of Parliament (2012- 2015), qualified Criminologist with who has previously worked in Real Estate and the Retail Sector. Third Generational local who attended Wishart State School from 1994-2000 as well as graduated from Griffith University Mt Gravatt Campus in 2009. A local through and through with strong ties to the Mansfield community.
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Neil is a third generation local from the Mansfield electorate, who has lived in Wishart the majority of his life who has strong ties to the electorate and the associations that make up this wonderful part of Queensland. His strong community ties include being a former Neighbourhood Watch Chairman from 2009- 2011 for Wishart as well as playing for local sporting clubs including Mt Gravatt Hawks, St Paul’s Uniting and Mt Gravatt Cricket Club as well as worked in retail at Garden City Shopping Centre in Upper Mt Gravatt. 

Neil is proud to be educated within the electorate having been a former Wishart State School pupil (1994 to 2000) and completed a double degree in Criminology and Human Services at Griffith University. 

In his spare time, Neil volunteers for Lions Club Australia with the Lions Club of Moreton Bay which he was Club President (2015-16) and is the club’s current secretary. 

Like Pauline Hanson, Neil too is fed up with the way every day Australians are being treated by the two major parties who are happy to promise anything to garner votes then not deliver. We deserve better!.

Neil brings experience in both the private sector as well as parliamentary experience to the table and is willing to stand up for his local community against George Street. Starting out as a retail assistant before parliament, Neil can relate to ordinary Queenslanders from all walks of life. 

Neil’s key interests in local issues include:

 •Addressing and working for local job creation especially tackling youth unemployment. 

•Working with law enforcement and the local community to get ‘tough on crime’ and sentencing that are in step with community expectations. 

•Advocating for more senior services and rebates for pensioners to assist in social inclusion for all. 

•Support and empowering local small business to be the driving force of our local economy. His family ran a small business for nearly 20 years in the Mansfield Electorate. Neil will promote and support a 'Buy Local' Campaign for Mansfield small businesses.

•Lowering the cost of living pressures for all families 

•Helping local non for profit organisation and sporting clubs in providing much needed facilities and services in the community. 

•Identifying and lobbying all Governments to fund local infrastructure that residents want. Especially road upgrades to Mt Gravatt-Capalaba and Logan Road intersection as well as Mount Cotton Road in Burbank. 

Neil wants to work for his community to make Mansfield and Queensland Great Again.

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