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  • As a Mother and small business owner I believe that our Politicians are consistently failing us and have lost their independence. I feel the time is right to represent the Greens in the next State Election to offer an enthusiastic alternative to the two major parties. I had the honour to be the President of the Nashville State School P&C for a number of years and worked closely with some of the pillars of our school community. This period was very educational as I learnt the funding challenges that our schools face each and every day. I sincerely believe that Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our time. While the two major parties fight to give the State of Queensland over to fossil fuel companies, they seem to care less and less about this real problem that is facing all of us. Storms are becoming more violent and sea levels are rising. Unless urgent action is taken, the frequency and severity of extreme storm surges will risk the liveability of the Sandgate and Brighton foreshore. The World does not have limitless resources and without a sustainable environment, we really have nothing to leave our children. Political donations are the scourge of the current political system and the Greens are the only party to have made a commitment to refuse ALL corporate donations; you can be confident that we will always put the interests of the community first. Make a positive change in the next State Election and vote "1" Greens – for a Better Queensland.
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Update:  October 2017

If you are looking for a viable alternative to the major parties, this is what I stand for:

  • a Sane, not Hysterical voice as your representative
  • Fairness not bigotry
  • Community before Corporations
  • Sensible policies - for detail please see https://greens.org.au/initiatives/qld
  • Jobs with a future not set in the past
  • A vision for a World with less than 2 degrees warming from pre-industrial levels

The Environment is our greatest asset and we need to respect and care for it.

Politicians need to be honest and reject backroom details all brought about by political donations which must stop.

A strong energy policy that stabilises and reduces prices for the consumer - https://greens.org.au/qld/powerpeople

Fairness for renters - https://greens.org.au/qld/renters-rights

The Adani Mine is NOT a job creator, it is a job wrecker;  for this mine to proceed it jeopardises the tourism jobs already in existence as so this mine is a threat.  We need to be creative and put in re-training programs for those whose only occupations in the path have been in coal mining.  Renewables are the future and Queensland needs to get on board.

Inequality is growing and Trickle Down Economics has long since reached it's use-by date.  It's time to change our path and find a better way.

Marriage equality should be law now.  We will continue to pressure the Government to make this happen.

If you are sick of the "us and them" mentality and if you want a fair society, then please vote #1 Greens.

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