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  • Master of Fine Arts (Music Industry) - QUT Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - UQ Self-employed music professional Worked in hospitality, entertainment industry, university and public sector
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I’m a musician with many years of experience working in hospitality, universities and the public sector. 

I’m running for the Queensland Parliament because, like so many others, I’ve been let down by our current government. In particular, Labor’s attacks on my industry through their ill-conceived and reckless liquor laws have the potential to devastate live music and the arts, cost thousands of jobs and take millions out of Queensland’s economy, while propping up the damaging gambling industry. 

Labor and the LNP’s absolutely disgraceful support of the Adani coal mine in the face of the urgent need for action on climate change to save the Great Barrier Reef has also propelled me to take a stand. As a self-employed music professional I know what it’s like to work hard to achieve things using my own initiative and drive, and I have great respect for small business owners and entrepreneurs. But I also believe that we are better, stronger and more interesting when we work together, share ideas and opinions, support each other and don’t fall into the trap of individualism. Wealth is growing in this country but we are not sharing in it equally or even proportionally. The Greens can show people there is a kinder, fairer path away from economic injustice. 

Like many in our community I’m completely fed up with the way politics is being done. We need policies based on evidence that support Australian communities, families and individuals, not the top end of town. 

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