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Jeremy was raised in the northern suburbs of Brisbane in the early 1970’s and joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation out of concern for the ever increasing cost of living, and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. It is Jeremy’s opinion that politicians have lost touch with every day Australians and are more concerned with protection their own personal future. He feels that the major parties are stuck in a conflict cycle of blaming each other for the current state of our economy, and lack the ability to focus on a solution to the problem. Both the major parties appear to be more focussed on keeping big business or the unions happy, and put them ahead of most Australians.

Jeremy is currently a full time Service Coordinator in the disability sector. He has had a variety of professional experience having worked in the Australian Defence Force, small business owner/operator, cleaning general management and Offshore Detention Security Supervision. Jeremy was previously a Medical Technician in the Australian Army, specialising in rotary wing evacuation.

Jeremy holds numerous qualifications including a Diploma in Work Health and Safety, Diploma in Security and Risk Management, Certificate IV in Mental Health, Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Certificate III in Community Services.  Jeremy is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science, and had a keen interest in Forensic Psychology.

Jeremy is very concerned about the rising youth crime rate, and the limited power that our Police have to effectively deal with youth on the streets. As a youth worker, Jeremy regularly talks with police about this issue, trying to understand a better way of attacking this issue.

Jeremy shares the One Nation vision for the future of equality for all Australians, the future of his family, and the generations of his family to come. Jeremy is keen to stand up for those who have been left behind by our self-serving politicians, and to fight for them to have a fair go.

Jeremy feels that his electorate of Toowoomba South has been forgotten by the successive local, state and federal governments. Jeremy states that if elected, he will actively fight for a fair share of the state’s budget for his electorate, removing the spending focus from the major cities. Jeremy wants to ensure that Toowoomba South gets a fair share of resourcing for his electorate  that is in dire need of services and resources.

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