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Just call me Eugs

I have lived in the Mount Ommaney Electorate for 17 years, and was a frequent visitor of its suburbs and their many benefits prior to this.  I am appreciative of its unique blend of industrial and housing estates, historic homes, retirement villages, retail businesses, major road and rail networks, schools, places of worship, sporting and lifestyle facilities.  I am particularly enthusiastic to see many new projects occurring within the electorate, such as the redevelopment of the Sinnamon Village and the relocation of the Kenmore Baptist Church to the area.  All these, and the suburbs proximity to Brisbane’s CBD, Springfield, Ipswich, the Logan and Ipswich motorways, and most major hospitals and universities; make this electorate a highly desirable and enjoyable place to live.

My working life has comprised of 11 years in the financial sector, and a further 22 years as an Intelligence Analyst with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).  In between these two occupations, I received a life changing injury while training at the Queensland Police Academy, leaving me a quadriplegic.   To enhance my skills and better understand people’s different worldviews, I commenced part-time study at the University of Queensland from 2009 to present, studying subjects in history, philosophy, religion, and politics. I have also participated in Islamic Awareness workshops, as well as other intelligence based training conducted by the QPS and Australian Federal Police.

From 2003 onwards, I have housed and assisted overseas students and visitors from various countries.  This activity and my studies, provided me with the confidence to travel broadly overseas and mingle with people from different cultures, religions, and worldviews.  My interest in learning and experiencing new things has led me to attend and participate in many community and religious events, including Catholic, Baptist, Hare Krishna, Buddhist, Greek, Indian, and Islamic.  Incidentally, the most devoted Australian, I have met in my travels to date, happens to be an Indian taxi driver who has lived here for 30 years.

I am passionate about exploring our communities more, discovering new endeavours, innovations, and experiences. I am always keen to listen objectively to the views of others, and happy to chat socially.  My greatest strengths are that I am task orientated and client focused.  Due to my injury occurring when I was 30 years of age and my past employment and study history, I am in a unique position to understand and respect the day-to-day issues and concerns of the able bodied, the aged, and those with varying disabilities; in addition to their family members or people suffering from depression.

I joined One Nation due to my dissatisfaction with the major parties.  I see opportunity in the Queensland branch of One Nation that has redeveloped itself under former Liberal Party member Steve Dickson; free of the ideologies, factions, and the constraints associated with the major parties.  I also believe that a healthy third political party is necessary, to ensure good governance in Queensland.  I am grateful of the opportunity to represent One Nation, one that I and other ordinary people are likely to have been denied elsewhere.  I also deeply respect its founder Pauline Hanson, who has remained steadfast and active in the Australian political landscape, regardless of the left leaning diatribes and protests she has encountered throughout the last 20 years.

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