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  • I am a German educated civil/structural engineer and worked in the construction industry most of my working life. I also have formal Australian qualification as a secondary school Maths and German teacher. Throughout my life I have always supported my local community through active participation and volunteer work. Perhaps my most outstanding community involvement is the initial participation in a steering committee to establish a community bank and the subsequent service on the bank's board as a founding director and vice chair for a number of years. My life experience is rounded out by raising 2 wonderful children, who have now given me the great joy of being 'Oma' to 3 grandchildren. Seeing this next generation and wondering what kind of life might be ahead of them is my motivation to stand as a candidate for The Greens. I want to do my part to give them a fair chance to enjoy life in a harmonious society, in peace and comfort and, if at all possible, with the enjoyment of a healthy and beautiful natural environment.
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Gabi Nehring – who on earth is that?

I am a mature age woman living in Eagleby. Currently I am a carer for my mum. I was born in Germany and educated as a civil engineer prior to migrating to Australia in 1983. I also have an Australian degree as a secondary school teacher for Maths and German.

I have 2 Children and 3 grandchildren whom I love very much.

Involvement with my local community has always been focal to my life and includes many hours of voluntary service. While living in the town of Yarraman, I was part of a steering committee for the establishment of a community bank. We were successful in our endeavour and I am proud to have served as a founding director and vice chair on the board of that bank for a couple of years.

Most of my life I have worked in the construction industry and many years managing my own ‘consulting engineers’ business which employed up to 8 people in 2 office locations. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the global financial crisis, the construction industry went into a prolonged recession and my business had to be liquidated. Obviously this was a low point in my life, but I came out of it with a much better understanding of the impact of fiscal policy on the business environment and in particular on small business – small business can count on my support.

On a personal level I have seen the highs and lows of life. I am a trans-woman and found it troublesome to come to terms with myself until I began transitioning in 2007 at the age of 51. Now I have found my place and will use the insights gained by my experience in support of the LGBTI+ community and other minority groups and disadvantaged people.

I’ve always realised the profound impact of political decisions on people’s lives and therefore been keenly interested in the political debate and at times associated with various political parties both in Germany and in Australia. Now it is time for me to step forward to take an active stance for the values I treasure. No longer will I allow Labor and the LNP to sell us out to corporate interests and in the process destroy our environment, our way of live and the social fabric of our community. I will stand up for social justice, equality, environmental and commercial sustainability. I will stand up to reform our democracy and to eliminate corruption.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize the chances of winning in Macalister are nil. But, winning is not all-important – it would be nice though. Of importance are the issues we face - all those things that make for better, happier communities and an enjoyable way of life. I want to raise awareness of a different way of doing things. I want to show that we can walk together and work together for a better society. My candidature is a tool to create a momentum towards that goal. In the words of John Lennon: “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Maybe one day you’ll join us....”

Join us now and make us strong! Vote 1 – Gabi Nehring, The Greens

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