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I love living in Ferny Grove - our diverse community offers so much to people across the electorate. As an ambassador for Queensland University of Technology’s Learning Potential Fund, and as a volunteer for organisations like the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Edmund Rice Camps over the past couple of years, I’ve been able to really listen to what’s important to Queenslanders.

I’m standing for the Greens for a number of reasons that can be summed up in our mission statement: “standing up for what matters.” Health care, affordable housing, public transport and youth employment are issues that matter to me and to our community; I know the Greens offer evidence-based policies on these important issues.

The old parties are only offering Queenslanders the same tired initiatives and ways of doing politics; it’s clear to me that the population has begun to turn away from this failed approach in droves. We need to fix our democracy and ensure the Queensland Parliament works for us - not for corporate donors.

That’s why it’s important we ban political donations by the property development, gambling, tobacco and alcohol industries. A ban like this spearheaded by the Greens would set Queensland back on the road of trust and move us towards policies made in the interests of our communities and not the bottom line of companies.

I’m proud to stand as the Greens candidate in Ferny Grove this election.

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