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Douglas Grant

Candidate for Nanango

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

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  • I was born in Canada, Note: (We are able to run for State Elections with dual citizenship.) I’ve been an Australian Citizen for 25 yrs and married for over 30. I was brought up in a loving hard working Christian family, my mother taught dancing, which didn’t catch on with me. My father, on the other hand was a Carpenter, I spent a lot of time with him. He gave me a hands on experience that I have kept all my life. I’ve worked in a variety of Industries, in my 20’s I was pulling timber off conveyors at Lumber Mills in British Columbia, I was maintaining railway signals for Hamersley Iron in Dampier, I was working on Oil Rigs in the North Sea. I latter became an Electrician by trade, which then lead me into the CCTV industry, where I sold, installed, lectured at TAFE, wrote books and correspondence courses for Security Industry students round the world. For the past 30 yrs my business has been solely in CCTV, Consulting and Acting as a Legal Expert for CCTV issues. My work includes many of the local Camera Surveillance installations, including the state of the art Murgon 50 Camera Surveillance System. ATM I’m an owner builder, working on our off grid, 5 acre home in Blackbutt. My moto in business is to keep the profits local. We have to keep the wealth of the State in the country.
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The number one issue people are talking to me about is certainly the cost of Electricity, Gas and

Vehicle registration, which have temporarily taken the attention of everyone Statewide.

People feel betrayed again, by State Government, and their State Elected Nanango Member in the LNP

who promised to fight against these costs planned by Labor, then in the protection of

Parliament, voted with the Government for everything she said her party was against.

Mining is the backbone of our economy, government needs to protect our workers. Unions

have let our workers down and become a self-serving Political entity. We desperately need legislation

to ensure every  worker is protected with agreements across the board.

Nanango is a country electorate and needs to support farming and its profitability, we need to

stand behind our food growing industry financially, we must be able to eat our own grown food,

not import and decimate the Life Style of the Farming community by selling off the land their

families have been working on for Generations. Farmers want water security, not threats followed by repossession from banks. 

This is a passionate time for all of us that resonate with One Nations Policies, which puts   People before Politics.

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