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David Greene

Australian Labor Party (State of Queensland)

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David knows first-hand the struggles of the most vulnerable in our community. Overcoming a disability, David was the first person in his family to graduate from University, with honours in law. David rose to become a Senior Associate in Australia’s largest plaintiff law firm where he fought for the interests of the disadvantaged on a daily basis.

David now works as an industrial relations specialist in the trade union movement where he deals with wage theft and exploitation of working people. David has a long history of working in small and medium business, and was the President of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce in Queensland. He believes innovation and entrepreneurship has the potential to deliver prosperity and financial security to society if the proper supports are put in place for small and medium business to thrive.

David is running for Parliament because he believes that inequality and decline are risking the Australian way of life. He believes that the system is fundamentally broken for many people, and he wants to be part of a Government helping to deliver outcomes for ordinary Queenslanders. David is an experienced, trusted advocate who will be the local representative the people of Everton desperately need. David is a member of the LGBTI community, and lives with his partner in Albany Creek.


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