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I was in the Army when I was posted to Queensland in 1979 where we already had family living.  When I left the Army in 1980, I went back to my trade and then started my own business in 1983.  My business has been successively running since then.  We moved into our home on the Gold Coast in 2005.

Always having had an interest in Politics I have been getting increasingly concerned with the quality of the current batch of Polititians both left and right. The only one who was making any sense was Pauline Hanson, who was never afraid to say what needed to be said despite enormous obsticles being put in front of her she still stood up. Who will ever forget her "burka" incident in the Senate.

I am very proud to represent Pauline Hansons ONE Naton party in the State seat of Theodore.  Having been in my own business for well over 30 years I have dealt with people from all walks of life and nationalities and  even Polititians.  Most of my staff have been with me for many years. I understand what it means to have and maintain a job.

As long as we - the people keep voting for the same two parties we cannot expect to see change. The old parties have lost their way.

We at One Nation have some progressive ideas which we will pursue were we to get enough members elected in the next Sate election.

Please contact me via email or phone, message if you have issues you wish us to look at or if you wish to assist in the upcoming election.

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