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I’m a Cairns local who has worked in the farming and events industries throughout the region - sustainability is my main passion. I’m active in local community groups, including holding the position of President of James Cook University’s Sustainability Club.

Politics is not working for people anymore, and it seems that both of the old parties are working for the big corporations that give them donations.

I joined the Greens because they offer a way forward that puts people before profit. The Greens have a plan to move towards more sustainable transport, electricity generation, and development, all of which will provide long-term jobs for Australians.

It’s time to ensure the people of Cairns are listened to - as the elected representative for the people of Cairns I will act on their concerns to progress our community.

It’s at the heart of my work personally and professionally; I believe we can work towards growing our local economy without impacting upon our natural wonders.

I’m proud to stand for the Greens in Cairns this election.

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