SA Election 2018

Can Jay Weatherill win a 5th consecutive term for South Australia Labor? 

The 17th of March 2018 is the set date for the next South Australian State election. Labor will be asking for a record 5th consecutive term in government. The challenge ahead includes recent boundary redistribution's, the rise of Nick Xenophon's SA BEST party and a determined Steven Marshall who is eager to secure the Liberals a win.

For Jay Weatherill, it's about driving down the cost of electricity and " smashing the monopolies"

For Steven Marshall, its acknowledging  South Australia has the highest unemployment rate in the nation and "wants to do everything he can to create sustainable long-term jobs"

and Nick Xenophon has stated "Voters have had an awful choice between a government that deserves to lose and an opposition that doesn't deserve to win"

Which way will you vote at the coming South Australian Election?

What is your view on this Issue?

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