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Cam Young was born in the southeast Queensland town of Esk and spent his younger years on a dairy farm in the Lockyer Valley. He studied at Toowoomba Grammar School before His Family moved to Brisbane where he finished high school before going on to train as a carpenter and joiner.

During his time in Brisbane Cam developed an interest in Radio and in 1979, at the age of 22, he started a career as a broadcaster at 4lm Mt Isa. 

Cam has worked throughout Queensland in Radio and spent 20 years as a current affairs reporter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He currently works presenting the morning program on community radio station Sunshine FM at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. 

As a Senior Broadcaster, Cam has presented a variety of current affairs programs and, due to experience, advised junior colleagues on broadcasting techniques and consulted on Station activities. He mentored numerous trainee broadcasters and producers over the years and Supervised and managed staff. 

Cam has been involved in considerable community and charity work and in 2002 was presented with an Australia Day Award for services to communities in Australia and Overseas. Cam also has citations from the California State Senate and San Francisco City Council for work in third world countries and several citations from Government and local authorities in Mainland China, the Philippines and the Australian Government. 

Cam married his beautiful wife Diane in 1988 and they have two great Kids, Morgan and Lara. 

Cam has lived and worked on the Sunshine coast since 1985 and has a real love for the area and his home state of Queensland. He is very concerned for the future when it comes to jobs locally and statewide, and for home affordability and the manufacturing industry. 

Cam believes that not enough is being done to waterproof the state given the big drought we experienced in recent history. He has a real concern for the price of water and electricity, essential services that should never be used as a profit generator for private enterprise but should have been kept in public hands. He believes the high price of these utilities is too great a burden on families and is stifling the growth of business and the manufacturing industry.

The Electorate of Maroochydore is a vital cog in the tourism sector on the Sunshine Coast and the small businesses in the area employ hundreds of locals in part time and fulltime jobs. Cam realises it’s these businesses that are the future to the prosperity of the Coast and more must be done to help them so they, in turn can employ more locals. 

The Sunshine Coast tourism industry relies mainly (at the stage) on people that drive here from areas around south east Queensland and Cams says that’s it is absolutely crucial that the Bruce Highway be upgraded between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane as a matter of urgency to at least four lanes - and not just for the tourism market but for the thousands of people that travel the highway on a daily basis. 

It’s said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Cam believes that has been happening in Queensland with the way we vote for the Labor party or the LNP, nothing changes; it’s time for this catch-22 to end. 

At the next state election Vote 1 Cam Young, Candidate for Pauline Hanson One Nation in Maroochydore and get us out of the political rut we’re in and back on the road to prosperity for all. It's all about People before politics.

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