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  • My employment history # Paper boy Ipswich 5 ways # Booval Woolworths vegie section # Kitchen Detailer Redbank # Garage Attendant # Hancock Sawmill # Star Taxi # Black and White Taxi # Family Services # Disability Services QLD # AWU deligate # Regional Coordinator Volunteer Friends Program # Australian Protective Service. # Australian Federal Police # Legal advocate Current Businesses # Carpet Vinyl layer # Carpet Cleaner # Handyman # Party Hire # Photographer With my vast employment range, I have gained a lot of commonsense approaches that seem be something that has been forgotten by many. What I intend to bring to the table is your voice. I have the skilks to put my own opinions to the side to be able to make informed decisions. I look forward to hearing from you. I would love to hear your concerns, and your visions to help build a better place for you and your families future.
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  • 2/38 hudson rd
    Albion, 4000

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I am just a worker like you.  I work long hours, most days in a week. I know the union ways, and I believe in a fair go. 

I have in my life spent a vast amount of time fighting for the rights of workers. Sometime to my own detriment.  It's cost me so much of my life. But I believe it's worth every minute. And given the time over I would do it all again. 

Now in this day and age, I am past complaining to the political circle, who clearly don't care. So I stand before you as a tool for change. 

I hear a lot that people hesitate because they don't know me. Well one must ask, do you know the person currently sitting?Maybe by name if you are lucky. To be honest no one really knows who they elected. Unless your a personal friend. The brief time you bump into the elected politicians, does not in any way mean you know them. So for me. Every election is on equal terms. The only difference is some use your money to run their campaign. While I just use mine. Some are willing to lie to keep the belief in the power. While I will just tell you the facts. I don't see the job as power, I see it as a service.   The peoples voice .. not my options.

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