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Peter Warren

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  • To compliment life skills and experience necessary to support my political aspirations of serving the Pine Rivers community in the issues important to them, I also possess the following formal qualifications to further guide me as I strive to meet and where possible exceed the expectations of the community. • Graduate Diploma Strategic Leadership • Graduate Diploma Management (Learning) • Advanced Diploma Integrated Risk Management • Diploma Human Resource Management • Diploma Project Management • Diploma Workplace Health & Safety • Diploma Security & Risk Management • Diploma Government (Investigations) • Diploma Government (Fraud Control) • Certificate III Investigative Services • Certificate IV TAE (Training & Assessment) • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
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  • 38 Hudson Street

    Albion, 4010

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As the endorsed One Nation candidate for Pine Rivers I bring life and business experience in both the private sector as a local small business operator specialising in Investigation Services, Risk Management and Work, Health & Safety consultancy issues and as a former NSW Government employee.

I have in excess of 23 years’ experience in the rail industry starting a career in the mechanical branch, many and varied operational roles including train crewing, signalling and inspectorate positions through to senior management roles including as the Line Manager for CityRail Illawarra and Southern Highlands. 

I joined the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation team following total disillusionment with the two major parties who have forgotten their role in society which is to effectively represent the people. I like many people in the Pine Rivers electorate am fed up with the way every day Australians are being treated by the two major parties who happily promise anything to garner votes and then not deliver. 

For example, so many important issues in the Pine Rivers community have been begging for attention for many years but it's only just now in the throes of an upcoming election have this government given any consideration to. They are content to throw a couple of bones around to the people now as we near an election to garner votes.

I have news for them! The electorate are not that gullible! They see the pork barreling for what it is and continue to seek change away from this lazy inept government. People want to be heard, they want effective representation and they want change. 

As I speak to people throughout Pine Rivers the message is clear. People are sick of politicians telling them what they want, what they need and what their priorities are. People want the elected representative to listen to their concerns and what they want and what they need and what their priorities are. They want People before Politics. 

One Nation are providing a means for the people to take back their state. We have released our first set of policies to the public and invite your feedback which to date has been fantastic. One of our major policies in particular gives the opportunity for the communities to have a direct say in government decision making - The Citizen Initiated Referenda (CIR) policy. If you would like more information on this please go to the One Nation website at www.onenation.com.au

These policies have been so well received that some of the other parties have plagerised almost to the point of doing so without edit, our initiatives. That does not particularly worry me or cause concern, it simply means we must be doing something right.

Some of our other policies I invite you to peruse are our Law and Order, Health, Water Security, Firearms and Surplus Government Assets. We have a range of other policies nearing completion and will be released in ample time for you to consider well before the next election.

In the meantime if I can help you with any matter you feel is important to you, please contact me via my email. I am only too happy to come to you and listen.

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